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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Know when to purchase into the groove with yards and landscaping


Spring is technically here, according to the calendar, however specialists warn that it is possible to begin cleaning yards and landscaping too early.

2 regional professionals concurred that homeowners should wait up until overnight temperatures are regularly above 50 degrees, yards dry and lawn starts to grow before doing anything that will compact the soil and lawn roots.

Mike Clark, a senior supervisor at Bordine s, said the ground has actually thawed however that soil is still fairly damp. Michigan, he stated, is not out of the frost-free zone until roughly late May.

Foot traffic and machinery on yards that are not yet dry, he stated, can compact the soil, especially if it is clay-based, which can stunt the roots capability to reach farther down in the soil for wetness and nutrients during the summer.

You don t need to do anything to your yard at all up until you see your grass growing, Clark said. Not the weeds, the turf itself. You should not be feeding up until the grass awakens and starts growing on its own.

He said many individuals jump the gun when it concerns fertilization, and liquid fertilizer companies typically spray yards too early.

I m not going to say it s going to do harm to your lawn, but if you get a bunch of young, tender growth, a difficult freeze might damage the yard, Clark said.

Once turf starts to grow by itself, he stated homeowners must use a step one fertilizer geared at avoiding crabgrass.

Cindy Roback, owner of Young s Garden Mart in Warren, agreed. Roback stressed the importance of pre-emergent crabgrass preventer.

It also has lawn food with it, however exactly what it does is it prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating, Roback stated. Later on in the season, (crabgrass) is very tough to obtain rid of.

She added that an extra step homeowners should take when lawns are dry is to rake out all the dead grass from over the winter. Removing the dead yard, she said, permits the root systems to expand, grow and breathe.

Clark stated homeowners can put down turf seed on bare spots at any time, but it will only start to sprout when the temperature levels begin to rise.

Roback stated an additional step to even out yards impacted by freezing and thawing is to fill out any grooves or valleys with topsoil and spread lawn seed on top.

You wear t wish to use weed and seed until the weeds are actively growing, she stated. If the weeds aren t actively growing, (chemicals aren t) doing anything yet and can avoid the grass from growing.

Another cautionary measure, she said, is for property owners to spray trees to eliminate any dormant overwintering insects, such as aphids, prior to the leaves sprout.

Clark advised that property owners trim their turf when the blades reach a length of 3.5-4 inches.

Exactly what you can do today is give your mower a tune-up and sharpen the blades to get all set for the season, he said.

Roback included that dull lawn mower blades will rip yard blades to shreds.

As for when to cut bushes and trees, Roback said to wait till they have flowered. Clark concurred that the very best time to trim is throughout the fall or winter.

You have to be a lot more careful with spring cutting, particularly things that flower in the spring, Clark said. You might be cutting off flowers if you prune now.

He added that spring and summer season is not the perfect time to prune bigger trees, because sap will exude from the open injuries and make trees a target for pests.

Both Roback and Clark advised beginning vegetables inside and planting them outdoors when temperature levels enhance. Excellent choices to begin inside now, Roback stated, include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants. Clark stated lettuce and peas are likewise excellent options.

You can (take care of your lawn and landscaping) all yourself. It s actually easy and you can keep a lot of money in your pocket, Clark stated. You simply need to use the best product at the right time.

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