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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cops: Angry landscaping employee accused of shooting shots on KCK school playground


An argument in between a temporary KCK School District maintenance worker and his supervisor led to a shooting that triggered 2 close-by schools to carry out a lock out treatment Wednesday.

Patrick McCallop with KCK Police says around 10:11 a.m., shots were fired near Mark Twain Elementary School, 2300 Minnesota Ave.

"My next-door neighbor simply called me and she said that she heard some shooting, so I simply got off work to come here and ensure my child is all right," stated Arnolda Najera, a parent.

Officer Tom Tomasic says the group was on the playground at Mark Twain Elementary school when the mad upkeep worker returned and fired 5 to 6 shots in the group's direction. The school was complete of hundreds of students at the time. 2 blocks down, hundreds more students were at Wyandotte High School.

The upkeep employee then left the topic in an unidentified kind of car. The Kansas City, Kansas School District said it has temporarily suspended its contract with the company 'Labor Ready' that it worked with to do the upkeep work. The district says it wishes to verify background checks are being carried out correctly on the short-term workers referred to them.

Mark Twain Elementary and Wyandotte High School implemented a lock out policy immediately after the shooting. This means all doors of the schools were locked and no one was allowed or from the structure. Everything inside of the schools continued as business as usual, David Smith with the Kansas City Kansas School District said.

"Inside the structure, the day goes on as regular, until such time as we've been informed by our own authorities department and the KCK cops that we can come off of lockout," Smith said.

High school students were launched at midday and primary students will be released at 1:30 p.m.

No other injuries have actually been reported. It is still unclear why the employee became angry with his supervisor.

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