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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cops: Angry landscaping employee accused of shooting shots on KCK school playground

An argument in between a temporary KCK School District maintenance worker and his supervisor led to a shooting that triggered 2 close-by schools to carry out a lock out treatment Wednesday.

Patrick McCallop with KCK Police says around 10:11 a.m., shots were fired near Mark Twain Elementary School, 2300 Minnesota Ave.

"My next-door neighbor simply called me and she said that she heard some shooting, so I simply got off work to come here and ensure my child is all right," stated Arnolda Najera, a parent.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Know when to purchase into the groove with yards and landscaping

Spring is technically here, according to the calendar, however specialists warn that it is possible to begin cleaning yards and landscaping too early.

2 regional professionals concurred that homeowners should wait up until overnight temperatures are regularly above 50 degrees, yards dry and lawn starts to grow before doing anything that will compact the soil and kill weeds.

Mike Clark, a senior supervisor at Bordine s, said the ground has actually thawed however that soil is still fairly damp. Michigan, he stated, is not out of the frost-free zone until roughly late May.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stone Functions Landscaping, LLC

Stone Works Landscaping has been providing quality landscape design and installation throughout the Billings neighborhood since September of 2002. In your area owned and run by Bryce Olson, Stone Works Landscaping is a signed up specialist with the State of Montana.

Stone Works Landscaping can design, construct and keep residential and commercial projects. While servicing a 50-mile radius within Billings,

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